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On The Leeds Mercury Archive Home Page you can find listed by year all the current articles available. Quick links to individual years are grouped together at the top of the page. If the year you are interested in is not shown that is because there are no Mirfield articles for that year or copies of the Mercury from that year do not exist.

You can perform a quick search of the articles by file name simply by using your browsers "Find On This Page Feature".

The archive also features it's own search engine at the bottom of the page which can search all article names and article contents.

The search results will display a short snippet of the article with the search terms highlighted in red, if the surrounding words are illegible it probably means that the article could not be read clearly electronically and is waiting to be done manually, it is still worth taking a look at the image to read the original content.

When the article is displayed in your PDF reader you can use it's built in search features to further search the article.

When searching you need to bear in mind the differences in written English in the nineteenth century especially when searching for place names, you will very rarely find the abbreviations- Ln, Rd, St, etc used so you will need to search for them in full ie Station Road.
Another useful tip is that often an hyphen rather than a space is used in place names for exampe searching for Nab Lane would result in no results but a search for Nab-Lane will.

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